Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hot Flash Marriage Survey

Welcome to my Marriage Satisfaction Survey based on the survey Jill Morgan Storm sent out in my novel HOT FLASH. Please feel free to make comments. I'd love to know whatever you might like to share about things that are not included in the survey. I'd also love to hear any comments you have about the survey itself!

Survey Results -


  1. I'd love to know what makes YOUR marriage work!

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I loved the survey!
    My marriage works because my husband and I are both very independent and like to do things on our own. But we are also great friends and we enjoy spending time together, pursuing common interests and developing new hobbies - we are pretty adenventurous. My husband truly believes a marriage is a partnership, and he cooks and cleans as often as I do. We both work hard and play hard. A great balance.


  3. Thanks, Sharron!

    Your hubby sounds like a true winner to me!

  4. Kathy,
    I had a blast with that survey! I am super glad you enjoyed the review and I have to tell you, I have been bragging to all my friends about your book! Thanks for the suggestion to try out the survey, it was fun. I have to say my hubby and I nit pick at each other daily but I it is something we love about each other. If we didn't nit pick, we wouldn't think we loved each other anymore.

  5. Kathy,
    Loved the survey--especially the humor in the questions. Behind every good man stands a woman, in my hubby's case, that would be me. I think after umpteen years of marriage, he's finally figured that out.

  6. Loved doing your survey. My husband is a true friend, gentle and kind. We are both independent yet have common interests. It's been a short 48 years of discovery and challenges.

  7. I don't actually qualify to vote, but I voted anyway... Muahahahahaha

  8. Danielle: LOL! I've been bragging to my friends about YOUR review :) Thanks for checking out the survey!

  9. Kathy, this is a great survey! We've been married 21 years now. I believe it's a shared sense of humor that's kept my husband and me from getting our pictures (courtesy of the local police department) on the evening news.

  10. Fun survey Kathy~ Why doesn't question 3 have all of the above as an option? *wink*

    Mary f

  11. Thanks so much to everyone who's participating! There was a glitch with blogger -- they thought this might be a spam site for some reason. But all is well now :)

    Love the responses and I'm working on a way to make the response graphics appear on the page. I'm just slow at figuring it out ::grin::

    Thanks again! The more responses the better :D -- KC

  12. I guess I need a reality check.

  13. Hey, Kathy,

    My dh and I have been married for 32 years (I was a child bride, okay? *G*) I love him more today than I did when we got married.

    I believe the secret to a long, happy life together is don't hold each other up to impossible standards and always be willing to forgive. Especially the petty stuff! Just let it go.

    It's also very important to each have your own interests.

    And a great sense of humor. *G*

  14. Thanks for posting, Diana! It sounds like you know the secret to a successful marriage :) -- KC


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